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How Anabolic Steroids Help Athletes

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Scandals involving sports figures and anabolic steroids are several. Athletes who resort to anabolic steroid usage apparently do not mind risking their employment, freedom, and health just to gain that competitive edge. Winning a competition at a national or international level is rewarding financially and in several other ways, which explains why these athletes do not mind violating the rulebooks time and again. Usage of performance-enhancing drugs are usually covert. This is why it’s not yet extremely clear how these drugs benefit athletes. They help increase body size, muscle strength, and healing rate. However, the benefits are intertwined with several long-term and short-term risks.

Enhanced Muscle Strength

It’s common knowledge that steroids help increase muscle strength. As per a 2007 study, testosterone enanthate, a common form of testosterone, helped improve cycling performance and bench press strength in healthy individuals. The research studies conducted previously exhibited that these effects were usually obtained in six to 12 weeks therapy. But the 2007 study researchers managed to demonstrate substantial effects within three weeks. These results, though surprising, proved steroid usage could increase muscle strength quickly.

Increased Body Size

The same study also revealed that steroid usage enhanced body size. And a good amount of other studies endorse this finding. Later, testosterone enanthate effects were tested in healthy weightlifters and trainers. The hormone increased body weight significantly, along with improving quadricep circumference and bicep girth. The study also displayed gains in abdomen tightness. However, the finding is not usual since similar studies in the past did not prove any connection between steroid’s fat-reducing effects.

Improved Healing Rate

Steroids also have proved to positively impact healing rate. Steroid scandals from the recent past comprising professional athletes had frequent references to usage of performance-enhancing drugs to speed up the recovery process. Some studies that tested these impacts in healthy people can be accessed. A 2009 study indicated oxandrolone (testosterone’s synthetic derivative) enhanced muscle strength, increased lean body mass, and restored weight in body of patients who had severe thermal injuries.

Steroids Augment Risks

It’s just not right to talk about steroids for sale benefits and not put in any mention about its ill-effects or the risks attached. Testosterone usage increases aggression and unwanted libido and also leads to disfiguring of hair and acne. These drugs interfere with the body’s normal functioning even after a few months of having stopped usage. However, most concerning is anabolic steroids’ adverse cardiac effects. Exogenous testosterone reduces good cholesterol level and increases blood pressure. Moreover, steroids affect heart function and structure.